Dr Lawrie specialises in surgical and non-surgical management of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system/bones/tendons/muscles.

Please bring to your appointment


  • Current referral from your GP
  • All current and previous x-rays and investigations
  • Medical History if you have an underlying medical problem
  • Any documentation from previous treatment
  • List of all current medication
  • Medicare Card
  • Private insurance details
  • DVA card
  • WorkCover claim number



If you have not had any investigations/x-rays please contact the reception staff.It is very uncommon that an x-ray would not be necessary at the time of your consultation. Please dress appropriately for your examination eg: wear shorts or loose fitting garments for a knee examination. Please present 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment – So you can complete your patient information sheet

Your appointment

The purpose of your consultation is to formulate a diagnosis and propose a treatment plan for your condition. This is done by taking a history of the problem (a series of specific question about your problem) examining the problem and reviewing your x-ray and investigations.

The history of your problem is very important; the more specific you can be in answering any questions, the more value you will gain from your consultation. It is important that the patient answers any questions in their own words; a family member answering for the patient is generally unhelpful.

Any information you have on other medical problems is extremely important. Heart, lung, kidney conditions can impact on your treatment options. i.e: your fitness for surgery. Please bring any information you have. i.e: the name of your treating doctor, any medical reports or a list of your medication etc.

Further investigations may be necessary following your consultation. An MRI scan for example may be ordered. This is a special investigation using a magnetic field which shows the soft tissues, articular cartilages, ligaments and bone quality. It does not show the alignment or any space narrowing and this is why an x-ray is always necessary prior to your MRI scan. A fee may be charged by the radiology company for your MRI scan.

From your history, investigations and examination, your surgeon will offer his opinion on how to best manage your particular problem. This will be based on current clinical evidence and best practice, as well as your surgeons personal experience.

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