Practice Philosophy

The Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Clinic located above the Kawana Private Hospital strives for excellence in the provision of the latest treatment objectives and outcomes for all patients in a caring environment. We continue to provide these services in an ethical and responsible manner and we support a mutual respect for others abilities and functions. We strictly adhere to the codes of practice established by our professional bodies, namely The Royal Australian College of Surgeons, the Australian Orthopaedic Association and the Australian Medical Association.

Dr Lawrie strongly believes in continuing his education and maintaining his skills so as to provide the highest standard of care as possible for his patients. Although the Sunshine Coast is a regional centre our patients can expect the same level of care that is available at any centre. To this end, Dr Lawrie continues his ongoing education to offer the latest techniques available whilst making decisions using the appropriate scientific data and not merely following the current trends of the day. This is especially true in reconstructive and arthroplasty surgery.

Sports injury management comprises a significant part of this practice and Dr Lawrie firmly believes that the timely and informed management of sports injuries will lead to the best possible outcome for the patient. To this end, rapid assessment, investigation and treatment of sports injuries is a priority at the Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Clinic.

Dr Lawrie believes strongly that good communication will lead to a better outcome for each patient. He works closely with the General Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Orthotists and other allied health workers to ensure the best possible outcome. He has developed a network of physical therapists that will help in recovery from injuries and following surgery. Dr Lawrie is very keen to ensure that the patient has a specific rehabilitation protocol to follow which is organised in conjunction with your therapist if necessary.

The patient’s treatment does not stop following surgery but continues until recovery is finalised.