Acute Knee Clinic

The first few days can make all the difference in recovery from a sporting injury.

 Dr Steve Lawrie at the Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Clinic provides an Acute Knee Clinic each Monday and Tuesday which is specifically designed for, but not limited to, sports injuries of the knee with a view to rapid assessment, investigation and adoption of a management plan within the first few days of the initial injury.

The Acute Knee Clinic has now been running for fourteen years. We have treated many professional and semi-professional athletes as well as the “weekend warriors”, including a special interest in paediatric sporting injuries. Dr Lawrie has a close association with many sporting teams on the Sunshine Coast, including the Sunshine Coast Falcons, Melbourne Storm, Sunshine Coast Lightning and many other local clubs.


To access the Acute Knee Clinic, a patient needs to have a current referral to Dr Steven Lawrie and plain x-rays of the knee should also be arranged before the initial consultation.


A plain x-ray is very important in the initial assessment to exclude fractures, loose bodies, and to show the alignment of the knee joint and the patellofemoral joint, which cannot be seen on other investigations, such as an MRI scan.


Splints and orthotics can be organised directly with Faiz and Basreen at Feet First Orthotics on 5493 4294. The orthotists attend our clinic on a Thursday afternoon, but are available throughout the week as needed.


The Acute Knee Clinic is intended to complement Dr Lawrie’s other interests, including hip and knee replacement, revision arthroplasty, computer assisted joint replacement, cartilage surgery, as well as hip, knee and ankle arthroscopy.


Dr Lawrie is happy to take phone calls for advice, queries etc as this often helps the
referral process.

Specific conditions that can benefit from emergent assessment include suspected ligamentous injuries, including

  • cruciate ligaments,
  • medial ligaments,
  • multiple ligament injuries,
  • acute patellar dislocation,

and especially

  • paediatric cruciate and meniscal injuries whether thatbe by implementing early surgical techniques or an appropriate non-operative treatment programme.